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Stop Making Others Rich How Authors Can Make Bank By Selling Direct (AUDIOBOOK - DIGITALLY NARRATED)

Stop Making Others Rich How Authors Can Make Bank By Selling Direct (AUDIOBOOK - DIGITALLY NARRATED)

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Audiobook for authors and their direct sales. The definitive work for  authors selling direct.

This audiobook is digitally narrated, not human-narrated as it is constantly updated.

Do you want to have an author store and don't know where to start? Or have one and don't know how to make the most of it?

Take back your power and control your author finances with an author store. Your store is not just another retailer—with the right store, you can upsell, retarget customers, do bundle products such as an ebook and a print book or whatever you like! No more rules. No more nastygrams. No more spending most of your ad budget to subsidise retailers, sending your readers to a page with other authors' books on it.

With a store, you can get paid now. That's right, now and not in 60 days. And no more retailer cuts.

Ever wondered who buys your books? Not any more. Now you have data and, depending on your storefront, deep analytics.

This book answers questions such as:

What should you do when starting out?

Which storefront would suit? Shopify, Payhip, WooCommerce, PayPal button, or one of the others?

What do you need to start a store, and if you have a store, how do you optimise it?

Do you really need to train people to buy from your store? 

What about international sales tax? (It depends on buyer location, not just yours.)

Want to sell print books but don't want to pay for print upfront, handle stock, or go to the Post Office?

Want to import reviews? Learn the legal pitfalls.

And much more! Such as: Time to think differently about advertising! And How to deal with change in the industry. Plus other insider tips!

I started selling print direct in 1993. I started selling ebooks (along with print) direct from my websites in 2003. I wasn't alone. With Kindle, authors turned to the retailers, but now the tide is turning back to selling direct.

This definitive book on authors selling direct will be available in ebook, paperback, large print paperback, hardcover, and audio.

Listen to a sample.


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