Leighann Dobbs

This is a fantastic course. I could have NEVER setup my store without this. Very high value. One of the most valuable courses I've taken and I've probably taken all of them. Thank you for putting this together! I could never have setup my store without Morgana's course and it's already paid for itself!

10 times USA Today Bestselling author

ad starrling review morgana best shopify course

AD Starrling

Thank you again for putting together such great courses. You've changed the lives of many authors and I for one am incredibly grateful that you've chosen to share your extensive knowledge of direct sales with us.

deb schwabe review for morgana best shopify course

Deb Schwabe

I’ve been nervous about going direct, thinking I’d overlook too many things. I’m computer savvy and have set up multiple WordPress sites, but Shopify is different. There are so many important elements on the backend you need to be aware of.

Thankfully, Morgana’s course has been exactly what I needed. It took the hesitation away, as I’ve been following it step-by-step. Her course covers details such as taxes, what things to check off, and what not to do, and why. She covers so many other things you might not have considered. It’s offered me the confidence to take on the challenge of selling direct.

In fact, I’ve been so impressed, I wanted to share these thoughts with others. If you’ve been thinking about selling direct, and Shopify is in your sites, run, don’t walk to grab this course and know that you’ll be led through step-by-step in both how to set up your shop, along with details you didn’t even realize you needed.

I don’t lend my name lightly when it comes to reviewing a course. There are so many variables, and so many courses in the publishing community. Not only is this course regularly updated, but there’s also a Facebook group where you can ask direct questions and get TIMELY answers.

Julie Carobini morgana best shopify course review

Julie Carobini

Morgana Best's direct sales course gave me the extra push I needed to get my shop up and running! Her course is full of hard-to-find details and valuable personal insights.

Mary E. Thompson review morgana best shopify course

Mary E. Thompson

If you're even thinking about starting a Shopify store, take this class. Morgana has taken a confusing and overwhelming process and turned it into something manageable and less terrifying. I would have given up on Shopify if I was doing it on my own, but with Morgana's help, I've managed to create something I'm proud of. Thank you, Morgana!

USA Today Bestselling author

andrew dobell review morgana best shopify course

Andrew Dobell

Having built several websites of my own, I thought I'd be able to build a Shopify site easily, without help.
I was wrong. I needed help.
On the recommendation of a friend, I signed up to Morgana's full course, and I can honestly say it has been one of the best investments I've made as an Author.
Morgana walks you through every detail of setting up your store, giving all kinds of tips that I just would not have known about had I tried to do it myself, and made creating my site and setting it up, really easy.
Add on to this the discount codes you get through the course, and you will end up saving money in all sorts of other ways.
I have no hesitation in recommending Morgana's course to any author interested in setting up a Shopify site and selling direct.

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