"Hi, I'm Morgana!"

"I teach authors how to sell from their own stores with my book, Stop Making Others Rich, and my comprehensive step-by-step courses."

- Morgana Best

  • I started selling non-fiction print direct in 1993 and added selling ebooks (PDFs back then!) direct in 2003.

    I then branched out further, selling titles on the retailers when Kindle was released.

    I've hit the Top 10 storewide on Amazon and #1 on the other retailers.

    I've hit the USA Today Bestseller list multiple times.

    When I stopped to consider who benefited most from my hard work, I focused on selling direct.

    Would you like to sell print books all over the world without ever setting foot in a post office?

    Would you like to follow an automated system so that you don't have 

    to personally send anyone any epub files, and your readers can read them on whatever ereader they use?

Discover how to take back your power and control your author finances with a store.

No more spending most of your ad budget to subsidise retailers, sending your readers to a page with other authors' books on it.

With a store, you can get paid now. That's right, now and not in 60 days. And no more retailer royalty cuts.

Ever wondered who buys your books? Not any more. Now you have data and, depending on your storefront, deep analytics.

This book answers questions such as:

What should you do when starting out?

Which storefront would suit? Shopify, Payhip, WooCommerce, PayPal button, or one of the others?

What do you need to start a store, and if you have a store, how do you optimise it?

Do you really need to train people to buy from your store? 

What about international sales tax?

Want to sell print books but don't want to pay for print upfront, handle stock, rent a warehouse, or go to the Post Office?

Want to import reviews? Learn the legal pitfalls.

And much more! Such as: Time to think differently about advertising! And How to deal with change in the industry. Plus other insider tips!

  • As independent authors selling on retailers, we are used to engaging cover designers and editors, handling social media, and marketing and advertising our books.

    But have you ever stopped to consider who benefits the most from all your hard work and effort?

    When we sell on the major retailers, we have no idea who buys our books. The retailers keep the customers’ data and continue to sell those customers other authors’ books. By spending money on ads, we have driven those customers to the retailers.

    What if you could keep most of that money for yourself? What if you could keep the customer data?

    Now, instead of retailers benefiting from you, you can use retailers as a source for your direct sales.

    Discover how to sell direct to your readers, deliver ebook and audio files with customer service automatically taken care of for you, offer physical books, and manage sales tax with automated processes - all without stocking inventory, needing a warehouse, using a fulfillment service, ordering any books, using credit lines, or ever visiting a post office. Learn how to set up all your print books on an on-demand book printer which will print a book and deliver it worldwide when your customer orders it with no effort or upfront payment from you - it's simply a one-time upload of your cover and interior file.

    This means you can have all your series available in paperback, hardback, even large print and spiral bound, with the cost taken from the customer's payment.

    Shopify has done all the hard work and has prebuilt a storefront. Learn how to customise this step by step to make your store look however you like, anywhere from a basic store to looking like a professionally designed author website.

    If you can upload a file, you have the required tech skills to run a book business on Shopify! 

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    If you're even thinking about starting a Shopify store, take this class. Morgana has taken a confusing and overwhelming process and turned it into something manageable and less terrifying. I would have given up on Shopify if I was doing it on my own, but with Morgana's help, I've managed to create something I'm proud of. Between the lessons and the willingness to answer every question and share details of every step, Morgana has changed my career. This class is one of the most valuable things I've ever invested in for my career. Thank you, Morgana!

    Mary E. Thompson store 

    Morgana Best's direct sales course gave me the extra push I needed to get my shop up and running! Her course is full of hard-to-find details and valuable personal insights. 

    Julie Carobini store 

    "I wouldn't have been able to get anywhere without Morgana Best's course, Authors Selling on Shopify. It saved me time and smoothed out the process."

    - Samantha Price, USA Today Bestselling author and multiple Kindle All-Star 2014 - present.

    See Samantha interviewed by How to Self Publish with the Spa Girls here.

    Samantha Price store 
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"This is a fantastic course. I could have NEVER setup my store without this. Very high value. One of the most valuable courses I've taken and I've probably taken all of them. Thank you for putting this together! I could never have setup my store without Morgana's course and it's already paid for itself!"

- Leighann Dobbs, 10 times USA Today Bestselling author.