Refund Policy

Refunds for Goods

For ebooks and audiobooks, as these are instant downloads, no refund can be given.

For audiobooks, there is a Soundcloud sample which you can listen to for free.

Please choose carefully. Refunds only given if you buy a duplicate digital item within 48 hours of first purchase in which case the duplicate item will be refunded and notify us within 30 days of your order.

Otherwise, refunds do not apply to the following goods: Digital goods: ebooks and audiobooks. These are instant downloads.

Shipping and Delivery
When you purchase goods from our Site, the goods will be delivered through one of the following methods:

  • Print books " are printed by BookVault.
  • Prisons: Before ordering print books, please ascertain any specific delivery restrictions. Most prisons do not allow coil-bound books.
  • If you received damaged or defective print books, or if your order failed to arrive, we are happy to provide a replacement order with free shipping or a refund if you notify us within 30 days of your order’s shipment date.

For Consultancies.
Under the Terms and Conditions of Teachable, consultancies are not eligible for refunds.
As consultancy packages are add-ons to the course, Authors Selling on Shopify, please ensure you happy with the course before moving on to purchase a consultancy package.