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I always
build on the Dawn theme. It's a free Shopify theme, so people tend to overlook
and undervalue it - but unlike most themes, it has
structured data
. This is a super, super important benefit for
SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. If you get a theme that doesn’t have
structured data, you would have to pay somebody quite a bit of money to have it
done for your store, if you even knew it was necessary in the first place. And
what is it? Well, it helps with SEO which drives people to your store for
absolutely free.

And what’s more, Dawn is one of the few themes compliant with
WCAG2 web accessibility guidelines and regulations.

Dawn can be customised to the nth degree.

Important! As
soon as you purchase, BookVault will automatically email you a PDF with
everything you need to send me, set out step-by-step. It’s quick and easy! In a
nutshell, I will need you to sign up for Shopify which you can do here -
by the way, that’s my affiliate link, and you get the first month free on
Shopify. Anyway, the PDF explains it all.

if you don’t have a BookFunnel account yet, sign up for that as well. (It’s all
in the PDF!) There’s a cheaper plan if you don’t want audiobooks delivered.

(as explained in the PDF you'll get) from you I need your hero image, which is
the image that will go across the front of your homepage -  I will size
that nicely for you - and I will need you to think of at least two keyword
phrases that you would like your site to appear for in Google searches.

Your genre is a good start for a keyword phrase.

And send
me your book descriptions. I’ll need a list of each one – the title, the heading,
and the blurb. 

me a list of your series, and tell me what you will be selling from your site.

can send me images of stores or sites you like the look of to give me an
overall vibe - but bear in mind some might be of a badly converting design and
I won’t be able to do that because I only do well-converting stores.

in doubt or have any questions, email me before you purchase at

then, I do your menu, set the hero image, your homepage, and I set up your
product pages correctly, and I also set up your default templates.

I supply instructions and a video on how to fill that in for when you add
your own books (outside the number I do).

no, I don’t give you a choice of buy button colours because plenty of research
and millions of dollars have been spent on buy button colours, so I use the one
that is typically tested as the best. If you do have a particular preference,
let me know, but I won’t do it if it’s a badly converting colour. I refuse to
set anybody up for failure!

even little tweaks can make a store convert a great deal better.

also set you up a favicon. You know how there’s the white F in a blue circle on
your tabs? That’s the Facebook favicon as an example.

will tell you how to set up Shopify payments and how to add me as a store admin
for certain parts of your store. Rest assured, I won’t be able to see your
credit card details so I can’t go and live in the Bahamas or another tax haven
–  I’ll tell you what to add me to in settings. I’ll also give you a list
of recommended apps.

set up the ebooks and audiobooks on your product page and integrate them  with BookFunnel, and test your sales actions.

will need a BookFunnel account. I will integrate it with Shopify for you.

set up your Home Page.

create Default templates for ebooks, audiobooks, and print books, I set up
Metafields for Read a Sample and Metafields set up for Series order.

I set up
Collapsible boxes for other information.

set up your Favicon.

set up your Correct Buy Button colours.

set up Collections with SEO.

set up your menu.


for site.

project page design.

put your images into  correct book format
and handle the SEO.

the end, I set up a 30 minute Zoom call with you and provide you with training

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